Donate Devices

For potential new donors: By reinvesting your surplus IT equipment through our program your organization can play a major role in increasing the number of computers we provide to Alberta schools, libraries, and other learning-based organizations. Please send us your good surplus computers (i series, CPU's), laser printers and multi-media components. Please do not strip the equipment of vital operating components. Our refurbishing centres will use approved disk-wipe software to ensure all information is removed from hard drives. Our procedures are quick and simple, and all contributions will be acknowledged.

Tax Receipts

Tax receipts will be issued when specifically requested by donors, and when donors deliver (or assume cost of delivering) equipment to our shops in Calgary, Edmonton or Brocket. Receipts will be mailed to donors after donated equipment has been tested.

Receipts will be provided for functional LCD displays (20" or larger) that are 5 years or less in age.

Tax valuations are modified regularly according to current estimated prices. Current valuations are as follows:

Desktops: Functional i series Intel or AMD CPU's complete with LCD, mouse & keyboard qualify for a receipt of $125.

Laptops: Functional i series Intel or AMD CPU's complete with AC adaptors, memory & hard disk and wireless NIC qualify for a receipt of $150.

LCD "displays" (20" or greater) qualify for a receipt of $25.

Receipts cannot be issued for other components such as keyboards, mice, scanners when donated separately.

Desirable Items

Desktops Intel i series & AMD FX 4000+ complete systems with RAM, HDD, etc.
Laptops Intel i series & AMD A4+ complete with WiFi Adapter, A/C adapter, RAM, HDD, etc.
Hard Drive Minimum 160Gb Sata 1/2/3
Displays 20" widescreen LCD/LED displays manufactured 2012 or later
Printers HP & Lexmark laser networked printers
Misc USB keyboards and optical mice
Networking Gigabit switches and routers