For potential new donors: By reinvesting your surplus IT equipment through our program your organization can play a major role in increasing the number of computers we provide to Alberta schools, libraries, and other learning-based organizations. Please send us your good surplus computers (i series, CPU's), laser printers and multi-media components. Please do not strip the equipment of vital operating components. Our refurbishing centres will use approved disk-wipe software to ensure all information is removed from hard drives. Our procedures are quick and simple, and all contributions will be acknowledged.

We take your data security very seriously - even if someone says they've deleted all the data on their hard drives, we'll do it again!
Our shops provide a systematic deletion of all digital data, complying with the highest confidentiality standards. We use a US Department of Defense DoD 5220.22-M type of algorithm, which includes 3 overwrites.
Following this step, a certificate of data sanitization can be issued for each HDD. Once cleaned of all digital data, each hard drive is sorted to determine if it qualifies for refurbishing.
At no time do hard drives pass through our custody without either being sanitized or destroyed through a secure shredding process by our registered recycler.