Alberta Computers for Schools is pleased to announce our participation in the upcoming TELUS Internet for Good program. This pilot project will offer low-cost internet and refurbished computers at a greatly reduced price to single parent families receiving financial support through the Alberta Works Income Support and Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped programs. We would also like to thank our other partners on this project – Alberta’s Ministry of Human Services, the Alberta Library and the Royal Conservatory. Click here for more information.


The national Computers for Schools #Welcome Refugee project wrapped up at the end of December .We are very proud to have participated in the Government of Canada’s initiative to support Syrian refugees as they settle into life in Canada. Access to technology and the internet is necessary for all Canadians in order to participate in our society and economy. We are happy to announce that we delivered 957 computers to Syrian refugee families across Alberta in 2016. ACFS would like to thank all of our partners, donors, settlement agencies , volunteers and technicians who helped us to make it possible.


With support from Industry Canada, Computers for Schools offers a Technical Work Experience Program (TWEP), which provides Alberta youth between the ages of 15-30 with practical work experience to ease the transition between education and employment. We provide about 20-26 weeks of work experience for approximately 10 youth at any given time. Students gain supervised, hands-on experience developing the following technical skills: • Erasing, formatting, installing and testing hard drives and software • Using diagnostic tools and software • Safely dismantling computers for salvageable parts • Preparing e-waste for shipping to certified recycles Practical workplace skills: • Teamwork • Project Management • Time management To participate in the TWEP program you must meet the following criteria: • between 15 and 30 years of age (at intake) • have demonstrated skills achievement at the post secondary level-this means that you must have more than a high school diploma • a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or a person who has been granted refugee status in Canada • legally entitled to work according to the relevant provincial legislation and regulations • not in receipt of Employment Insurance (EI) benefits


CFSC has been coordinating the efforts of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) in delivering 7,500 refurbished computers to Syrian refugees in Canada. The Computers for Schools program was just awarded a medal from Canadian Immigration and Citizenship (IRCC) for its support and involvement in the humanitarian efforts to welcome and resettle 25,000 Syrian refugees. Congratulations to our CFS colleagues and partners across the country for making this very important project a success. Through Computers for Success Canada (CFSC), RCT was happy to assist CultureLink in providing one free laptop computer to more than 150 Syrian families over the past four months and will continue to support them by delivering computers until the project ends. This is an example of just one of over 31 partnerships RCT has forged with organizations across Ontario to ensure that Syrian Families have everything they need to succeed in a digital age. You can help by donating computers to the Alberta Computers For Schools Program.

Some Fun Facts


Computers distributed


kilograms of E-Waste Diverted


Computers Donated in 2015


Liters of Coffee

Work Process

1.Receive devices from donors

2.Securely wipe drives

3.Install an operating system

4.Distribute to eligible groups



The Computers for Schools Program could not exist without the support of a large number of government departments (federal and provincial), private corporations, varied organizations, and individuals. We gratefully acknowledge the following supporters: