Computers for Schools (CFS) is a Canada-wide initiative providing refurbished computers - at little or no cost to recipients - to Canadian schools, public libraries, and non-profit learning organizations.

This site contains information about the Alberta program (click on contents to the left, or see our Video).

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Alberta Computers for Schools is proud to announce we are now a partner of Alberta’s Promise. The Alberta’s Promise logo is a symbol of our dedication in helping the youth of our province.

As we proudly display the Alberta’s Promise Partners Red Wagon, it signifies our committment to keeping The Five Promises and that we are dedicated to working together to benefit Alberta’s kids.

Alberta Promise


An agreement between Industry Canada and Microsoft Canada for the licensing of Windows XP expired March 31, 2012. When the remainder of our supply of these licenses is exhausted, we shall no longer install an operating system. This affects all schools accredited by Alberta Education.

We are grateful to Alberta Education which has made it possible for us to continue offering the following with respect to Windows 7:

  1. Schools covered under the Alberta Provincial Microsoft License (PML), eDesktop Enrollment (please contact your IT support to see if you are on this agreement):

    This includes the great majority of Alberta schools, which receive the Windows 7 or 8 Enterprise Upgrade License OS at a discounted price under the PML eDesktop Enrollment. Alberta Computers for Schools will be required to verify if the machine does or does not have a qualified licensed copy of Windows. If not, we will advise the school authority they will need to purchase a retail copy. Prior to providing computers to schools, however, we will test all computers to ensure they will function properly with Windows 7. We have been doing this for some time with many schools and the procedure appears to work well.

  2. Schools not covered under the Alberta Education/ Microsoft Agreement:

    For these schools we will purchase Windows 7 Professional Certificates of Authorization under the Microsoft Registered Refurbisher Program. Thanks to funding provided by Alberta Education we will be able to continue providing refurbished computers with Windows OS to these schools at no cost, if installed OS is requested.

  3. Non-school recipients of our computers (mainly libraries and learning-based non-profit organizations):

    We will still be able to provide Windows XP at no cost to non-school recipients for the next few months. In the future those wishing to receive computers with Windows 7 installed will be required to pay a $10.00 fee per computer to have an authorized copy of Windows 7 Professional installed. This fee will cover the cost incurred by Alberta CFS to purchase a Microsoft Certificate of Authorization for each computer received .

  4. For all recipients not wishing computers with Windows 7:

    Special arrangements can be made to provide computers with Open Source software.



  • In 2012 we continued to distribute well over 1000 refurbished computers each month to schools, libraries, and learning-based non-profits. Thanks to financial and in-kind support from both federal and provincial governments and other partners, we are able to provide these computers (plus monitors and printers) free of charge – though we ask recipients to make their own transportation arrangements.
  • We are receiving significantly greater numbers of laptops which we are able to pass on to you. The great majority of these laptops come with wireless capability. 
  •  Some computers now available  - desktops and laptops – have dual core/twin core processors.  Most also come with 80-Gig hard-drives and at least one Gig of memory.   
  • We are pleased to advise that we are now able to respond to most applications within one month.
  • Please note that our “Home Access/Special Needs” initiative is increasingly popular. Schools can apply for a limited number of computers which the school can then distribute to students for home use. It is up to the school to identify recipients based on “special needs” (e.g. with low vision), or financial need of the student’s family.

Should you require additional information about our program in general or any of the above points please call us at 780 427 9002 or 780 427 5262.




Since the Alberta CFS program began we have distributed more than 183,000 computers and 7200 printers.

In 2012 alone we distributed 13,685 computers!

This page was last updated on March 27, 2014